Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little by little

I really love receiving comments from you all<3 It feels so good to be able to share these emotions and you guys understand and accept me. Thanks :)

I'm going to keep this post positive. I haven't had a bad binge in a few days, which is a big step for me now since lately i've been out of control. BUT now i've been taking little steps. My 'binges' are getting smaller everyday. I probably wont be able to get as skinny as I used to be a few months ago by the time I get to my boyfriends house but I'll be staying there for a month and that should REALLY stop me from binging cause I can't look like a pig in front of his family ^_^ I'm trying not to care so much about what he'll think of my weight gain, because i've strictly told him how serious I was that I have gained weight from the last time he's seen me(4 months ago). So i've decided to take little steps to loosing weight and soon enough I hope I'll be able to fast again without having it end with a binge :)

Think thin<3
Skinny girls look good in anything;


  1. Awww I love those lemon shorts. They are so cute :) Keep up the good work xx

  2. Yay! Good job! I hope your visit with your bf goes well :)