Friday, November 23, 2012

I can't believe this

I was so ready and determined to fast after my binge session I had today, but then I did it again!!
I'm so tired of this cycle!
I keep thinking 'Oh, I already ate today so why not.' but thats not what I really want. I keep letting food take over me. Then I feel so worthless... I can't even control what I eeeeaat. Why is it so easy to eat, but so hard to restrict from it, it makes me so irritated but in the end its all my fault and I deserve to get fat. I will loose it though. I need motivation, I need someone to tell me I don't need fooood.


  1. Keep your head high . Fasting is hard but it becomes easier by the hour, so maybe just do it :)
    Fuck food. Hunger and craving are feeling and feeling cannot control us!

    Btw, why is your blog layout so different than all other blogs? I can't seem to manage reading I like normal.

    1. Gah youre right! Food does nothing but make you fat, i dont need it : )

      Yeah, my blog layout is a bit different! but i think i'll change it to cause less problems ^_^

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for following! I really like your blog.
    I have the same kind of thoughts, the "I already binged today so I might as well binge again and start over tomorrow." In cbt that's a thinking error, so we're supposed to use thought restructuring to get rid of it. It's way harder than it seems.
    Talking about your last post, and about how you know you can do it again because you did it last time- we all hope so. I don't know. I thought I could restrict again and it turned into bulimia. Good luck!

    1. Now I know I should think more carefully before I start a binge!
      Same here though. I never thought I'd purge but after recent bingings, I did it for the first time.
      Thanks and good luck to you too : )

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