Sunday, November 25, 2012

Okay-ish Day

I've had nothing to eat today. I feel bad though because my mom bought some fruits for me, but I just can't eat it. I'm doing a fast with an ana buddy so I can't betray her! : )
I'm always so anxious when im fasting! The first day I always still feel soooo fat and I just want it to be the 4th day or something so I can see some progress. Also I have this ring I always wear that I got from my birthday and I always keep it on to make sure It'll come off = I havent gotten fat. This morning I woke up and I couldn't get it off. UGH probably because my recent binges. Right now I can get it off but its more difficult than it usually is.
Hopefully I stick to this fast for once! Good luck to me and anyone else who's fasting or dieting and don't loose track! ^_^

Here's some thinspiration for today.


  1. Hey chick!
    How long do you fast? Also, the ring thing is a good idea! Keep in mind, though, that your body goes through natural bloaty times throughout the day (especially in the morning) due to water and bloodflow (or lack of). So don't get too discouraged if it fits more snug sometimes! :) Progress is gradual.

    Great thinspo btw!
    Skinny takes strength


    1. Hiya!
      I'm finishing up my 2nd day, on to my 3rd and going as long as I can. No wonder why its so much more easier to take off now : P I used to not be able to wear this ring at all!
      Thanks : )

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