Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"You Just Need to Exercise"

When you have an eating disorder there are those phrases people say that just make you want to curl up in a ball, or those phrases that just make you just want to yell, "UGH!"
I'm about to list a few I have encountered;

"You're not even fat!" (makes you happy but irritating when you know you are fat)
"Where did the *name of snacks* go?"
"You ate it ALL?!"
"Maybe you should stop eating so much sweets instead of restricting other foods."
(as if I didn't know)

"Just eat normally."

"Try eating healthy."
"You're still hungry?!"

"What does purge mean?"

"What's bulimia?"

"Don't eat a lot in one meal. Try to eat 5 meals!"


"I'm not eating if you're not eating."

Have you guys ever been in any of these situations or feel the same about these phrases? And is there anything that you've been told that makes you feel the same?


  1. I'm not eating if you're not eating. One of the most irritating and infuriating phrases out there. I HATE that one. Anyways, new reader *waves* <3 Jade

    1. Glad im not the only one!!
      yay<3 thanks for reading ^_^

  2. Here here. I'm tired of hearing "you're beautiful without starving yourself" or "men don't like bones". Umm, hello?! As if I'm doing this to look attractive. I know I had a great body before I developed my ED, and I'm certainly not doing this to impress a boy. Ugh.

    1. Yes!! How could I have forgotten the classic 'Men like a little meat on women'. Seriously, they dont understand and it makes me sad about the human race.

  3. Yeah I hate the "You're not fat" one especially, I have seen people say it to seriously overweight people even, they never mean it.
    Or "eating again? You just ate (name of food)" Like yes I'm in the middle of a binge leave me alone!
    Or "Why do you eat it if you're going to throw it up?". As if there is a simple answer to that!
    Take care dear <3
    Alice xx

    1. Thanks for understanding ^_^ feels good not knowing i'm not the only one<3

  4. I think a lot of it depends on the spirit in which the person says it. If I ask someone to help me and they're just trying to be there and give advice, I appreciate it. But if they don't know I have an ED and they say something like what you've listed, it's annoying. Because they're rubbing my self-hatred in my face. And basically telling me that hating myself is what I should be doing.
    "You ate it all"- definitely hear that one... and I feel incredibly guilty every time. Which is why I usually lie and blame it on other people, which still makes me feel guilty. No one is fooled, but that way no one calls me out on it either.

    "You're going to get fat if you keep eating like this" is one that really annoys me. Of course no one knows how much I feel the weight of this... but it hurts.

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  6. I absolutely hate those people!! Which is why I made a private blog to rant in the first place. They are the reason I got so fat :-(