Thursday, February 7, 2013

What I've been doing to prevent myself from overeating/binging

As you guys may know from my previous post, I have not binged in a month. (Read the bolded areas if you don't feel like reading the detailed area post ^_^)
I have had a day or two where I ended up eating 2 small bags of chips and each are about 200 cals.

BUT! Here's the changes I've made

  • (First thing I've changed)I have learned to forgive myself.

Because I have noticed, when I beat myself up on these bad days, in the past, I just hated myself and get sad then I would end up eating and it was just this really bad cycle I put myself into.

Instead of,"I'm such a failure. I can't even stop myself from not eating. I deserve to be fat. No one will ever like me." Which, yes, I did think that before.
Now I would think to myself," I did bad today. That's not good, but I have a whole life time to do better. I have a whole life time to loose the fat."

I've also seen before too that it's much better to think positive when "dieting".

  • Second change I've made: I've been saying to myself 'I'm being Healthy' instead of 'I'm dieting'

It just sounds better. Since "dieting" seemed to stress me out.

  • Third change: I wake up at 9 or earlier and eat breakfast
I don't eat right away, I'll wait till my stomach starts grumbling.

  • Forth change: Plan out your meals ahead of time(The day before for me)
Many of you know this app called MyFitnessPal. I've been doing this for a week and a day now. I try to eat at most 1000 calories per day. I would use this app to plan before hand so I don't end up over eating.
For me this really REALLY helps. And I do snack. 
By letting myself snack, I don't feel restricted and stressed.

I get really excited to get to plan what I'll eat the next day.

And here's an example of what I would eat in a day;

Breakfast: Whole wheat bread (75 cals) with half a banana (45 cals) with Hot Tea Total: 120 calories
Lunch: 1/2 Oatmeal made with water (150 cals) with half a banana(45 cals) & a sprinkles of ground cinnamon Total: 205
Snack: Anything you prefer thats about 150 cals or less. I would eat clementines (small: 40 cals each). Or Frozen yogurt (100 cals) or any non-fat chobani yogurt(100 - 140 cals). Even some baked lays chips in the small packs.(120 cals)
Dinner: I would use the rest of the calories I have left or less. for dinner (in this case we have about 400 calories left for dinner) Some salad with vinaigrette dressing, you can even have a sandwhich with ham, turkey, spinach. Cause 2 whole wheat breads is about 150 so you have 250 calories left to fill in the bread.

And I make sure to drink plenty, plenty of water throughout the day!
The first few days, I did feel I was getting fatter. But I havent given up because change takes time.
And today I had a normal bowel movement, which I have not had in awhile and I was really happy. I have had days where I did go above 1000 cals, but it's okay. I'm just really glad I'm taking a step to be healthier.

This seems to work for me. And i'm going to stick with it for awhile. I'll keep you all updated on my changes :)


  1. That plan sounds great, I'm glad it's working for you! I think that eating throughout the day is good for keeping up your metabolism, although I find that when I try it, I end up binging...I just need more willpower! Keep it up, lots of love<3 xxx

  2. It sounds like you've got a great plan :) and congrats on not binging for a month! Regularity in how much & how often we eat is sooo important for sustainable weight loss. It's fantastic that you've found something that works for you xxxx

  3. Hey! That's EXACTLY what I used to do with the MyFitnessPal app!! I loved planning out my meals ahead of time. I still do, actually. It takes so much stress out of meal time when you know beforehand exactly how many calories you're eating!

    Sounds like you've got a really well rounded meal plan going! I'm excited to see how it goes! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips. You've done great, and I think I will take advantage of this. Thanks! :)

  5. These are all great tips. And I'm glad they're working well for you! Keep it up :)

  6. Your changes seem to be making you happy.
    Hope you meet your desires.
    Life's Perceptions