Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This past week and half I've done so hard to not binge or over eat. I have not binged for a month. A month! But Im still the same. I look down and why is there still a lump?
One day we went to the zoo and I ate a handful of grapes and an apple. I get home to find out I was more bloated than I was that morning.
The frustration is killing me. I try so hard, but nothing changes. I cant purge, I cant cut.(Im still staying with my boyfriends family) I bursted out into tears in the shower and all I could do was punch myself. Im so mad at myself. Im going to have to do better...

Lets see how long I can fast without his family saying anything.

Sorry for the lack of posting,and commenting but I hope everyone is doing well.
Lots of love to you all :)


  1. No binge in a month, darling? That's wonderful, and absolutely admirable :)

    Much love,

  2. Why are you punishing yourself sweetie, you haven't binged for a whole month - WOW! Thats truely inspirational xx

  3. congrats on not binging thats awesome :) im sure there's a reason for that ..mmm might have to alter your diet somewhat

  4. a month without a binge is impressive girl! nice work! if you're still feeling bloated try drinking more water. and don't be so hard on yourself! i bet if you look back at some old pictures you'll see what a difference a month without bingeing has done :) xxxx

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Does it feel great to not binge? Even if you're still the same weight, hold onto the feeling and make it be enough!