Thursday, January 17, 2013


Every girl around me is just so beautiful. I can't look at a girl without thinking what my boyfriend thinks of her or how bad I feel that he's going out with me when he could be with beautiful girls all around him. Even with celebrities. I just want to be able to talk with him about these beautiful girls. Just be like," Oh she's pretty!" and not get jealous. I try so hard. Then I break-down internally and get mad at myself for not being able to accept that other girls will be prettier and skinnier.

On a good note, my flight back home got canceled. The plane I was supposed to ride was the boeing 787! What are the odds haha So I get to stay with my boyfriend for another month.


  1. i'm the same sometimes, i turn green with envy when i see a girl who is better than me! but it's ok to be jealous, it makes us work harder to become like them :) i bet there are people out there who are jealous of you too, so don't worry :) xxxx

  2. That's actually my most triggering situation. To see beautiful skinny people and compare myself. It's human nature to size up others, it's what we do with the thoughts that causes harm.

    I can guarantee that some other girl has seen you and gotten mad at herself for wanting to look like you! Or some boy has wished his girlfriend looked more like you! We all do it.

    Try not to beat yourself up for a passing thought! <3

  3. I understand where your coming from, I am like this with my boyf and his ex. Its annoying :( xx

  4. I feel the same, I get so jealous/angry/upset. Sometimes it's constructive, but sometimes it just depresses me because I feel like I'll never look like that.. But you're right, there will always be someone who is skinnier or prettier...
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip <3
    Alice xx

  5. I think this way too, and when I voice this to my bf, he tells me that I'm more beautiful than anyone else he knows. And then he cites my other qualities as reasons that he's with me.
    I suggest you go for it! Show your vulnerable side. He'll love being able to comfort you and make you feel bette.r
    Plus if he's a good boyfriend he'll be able to quell your fears and make you feel better about it.

  6. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog and though I don't have a whole lot of time to read it now, I'll be back for sure. I'm looking foward to learning more about your journey so far, and sharing the rest of it with you! The blog is great, inspiring to me and I really hope you keep it up!

    Love and best wishes,
    Hope :) xx