Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Also, Sorry

I'm sorry of my lack of posting and commenting.
It's just that I've been doing so good lately and been feeling so good, and coming here reminds me about my problem with foods and that i'm hiding my dieting by saying im being 'healthy'...

Please think of it as:

- The less I post, the more good i'm doing.
- If I post, I'm feeling a bit down and stressed and craving.

Yes, I'm craving sweets right now. I'm so tempted to grab that cookie or that butterfinger.
But I'm just going to go lay down and play a game.

Thank you guys :)


  1. i'm glad you're doing so well! i like the whole "would i rather have sweets or go running" thing, it a great demotivator. i might try starting something like that :) xxxx

  2. Don't apologize for not posting! It's your blog, you can post however much or little as you want!
    And I'm so glad to hear you're doing well! Usually when people don't post they're doing badly, so it's nice to hear the opposite.

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