Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Goals? Yupp.

I'm usually not the one to make goals for New Years thinking i shouldve been making these goals before and not just because it's a new year but I've found that these sort of goals help me to not want to break it since its a new year and I just want to forget my failures from the past,

My goals:
Not to ever , EVER binge
To eat salads if I go out to eat
Loose 10 pounds
Not to eat any of the candy when i get back home from this vacation
Eat more fruits if i ever feel i want candy
To not gain weight

What are your guys main goals for the year?


  1. Mine are very similar to yours. I wanted to not binge and purge but I have failed today :( xx

  2. Mine are also similar

    Not to purge as much
    And maybe lose some weight???

    Best of luck with yours x

  3. Good luck. I have basically the same ones, but I'm already failing.

  4. best of luck! i know you can do it :) xxxx