Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello lovelies. It's been awhile since I've written and i'll get to reading your posts too :)

As you know, I'm visiting my boyfriend in America as of now and I should be happy. I've been doing so well with keeping food out of my mind and just going with the flow.
But why am I feeling a bit... Uncertain?

First of all, I'm staying at my boyfriends house, and will be for a few more weeks. Second, I have not binged. At all! Not even on Christmas day/Boy friend's birthday. I truly am glad that i'm vegetarian now. It really stops me from eating tons of meals I could have eaten while visiting America; fast food restaurants. Then finally, I have lost weight since I left. I can definitely tell.

Sounds good, right?
It's just, I know I'm not eating a lot(as much as I used to), but I feel so big all the time. As if I'll never get skinny... It makes me think, how much to I have to limit myself to loose weight? And it makes me a bit sad. Well, a lot. To do so good and not get results. Unless i'm over thinking but I highly doubt it since I look at my stomach every hour haha

Well I'm sure we're all relieved that the Christmas time is over and no more feasts to be worrying about.
I absolutely love Christmas time though. I can't deny it. At my house, we don't really have a party so I don't have to worry about the food. So I was a bit scared when I came to america to celebrate it with my boyfriend's family but my being vegetarian really helped me out! To those who think they overate, I really hope you don't put yourself down for it. Christmas is such a beautiful holiday and I just wish everyone enjoyed themselves :)

Lots of love to all of you.


  1. Awww hun :( Thats what disordered thinking is about. You do everything right in the day yet still feel its not enough? I know the feeling too well. Thank you for your comments on my blog and I hope your having a fab time with your boyfriend xx

  2. YAY! I'm so glad it's been working out well for you!
    I think this is the only blog in which someone hasn't engaged in behaviors over Christmas. I commend you for that, and I hope you keep the streak going!