Friday, December 21, 2012

Do I not eat alot?

Events like me really get me thinking. Am I not fat? Do I not eat enough?
I went out to eat at panera bread for the first time with my boyfriend and his mother. She's really nice and i'm practically jealous of him for having such a caring mother. She was talking to me about how when they had first move to where i'm staying at currently, both my boyfriend and his sister seemed really sad cause no one seemed to really notice them at school. So she went on about how she went to the counselors and everything for them. I wanted to crawl up in her arms and just release myself to her haha But I don't think she cares that much.

Jeez, I really get off topic alot. There's just so much I want to tell you guys and you all respond so greatly and I just love it; To let my heart out till theres nothing left to spill.

Well at Panera bread they have the calories written and many were high in calories or either had meat in it which is a no-go for me. And a soup and salad what just a bit bland for my first time to panera bread. So I just went with the low-cal mango smoothie and my boyfriend and his mom were furious to get me to eat more! They were like 'That's it?! get some salad with it or soup!' and I responded 'what? this is enough. It'll make me full!' I was serious too. The thing is though, his mother is just really petit and thin.  And with a walking motivation around me all the time, it's hard to grab that cookie on the side. Or maybe i'm just that fat that they thought I was being generous and ordering the cheapest thing but they thought I wanted more cause i'm fat... man... that just came in to my mind while typing this.

And hello to my new follower Karina : ) Glad to know there's others out there who find what I have to say interesting/entertaining.


  1. Just eat until you feel full. People in this country (actually, I'm assuming youre from the US. Are you?) eat bigger portions than they need, and in order to feel secure they can pressure others into eating with them. Maybe you don't eat enough, but a smoothie from panera sounds like it has adequate calories.

  2. Don't you hate when skinny people tell you to eat more? Aw, and thanks for mentioning me! I feel so special. By the way, of course you don't eat much you have an eating disorder! Silly girl.

  3. I don't know what Panera bread is? I am in the UK. Well done on just having a smoothie :) Keep strong xx