Monday, January 7, 2013


I've ben reading many of your posts and it seems not many are doing so good so far this year.
I hope you all keep your heads up and move forward :) Looking back is only going to keep you in the same spot until you look forward.
and sorry I haven't been commenting much, it's sorta hard to hide this from my bf.

I can only say I'm doing okay. I haven't binged but I did break down one day because I really wanted to purge, but I'm still with my boyfriend and his family. Which isn't all that bad. Im still not too comfortable with his family yet which stops me from munching on their snacks ^_^
I'm just not eating healthy enough and not eating too less. I'm stuck behind this wall. I have realized it too. I've decided to keep the goals till I get back to my house. I don't want to ruin the time I have with him.

Hope all is well :)

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  1. I have the same problem hiding it from my boyfriend. I hope you're enjoying your time with him! Try not to stress out about food and just have fun! :)