Thursday, December 6, 2012

That's it

What the fuck. I feel like i'm in one of those hamster balls running for success but I don't even know that I'm getting no where. I'm just stuck in the same cycle forever. And know i've noticed. I've got to stop it. I've got to stop saying i'm going to diet and loose weight, but then give into food. I've got to stop it and i'm going to. I'm serious this time.

I'm going to post what I just binged on to feel the embarrassment.
I ate:

A bag of stick chips
Some regular chips with chocolate syrup
Rice with a raw egg(japanese thing)
Cereal and milk
and a burrito.

I'm going to restart this liquid diet and I'm going to have write everything down on this blog for you all which will hopefully prevent me from eating solids because thatd be embarrassing to do the same thing again. Ive only got a week and half to get skinnier. Ugh please please please please please.


  1. You can to it lovely. You just have to stay strong and keep in mind what's important to you ! :)
    I'm here if you need me .
    Xx Jo

  2. Don't let this binge get you down. You made it a few days before this happened- if you do that every time your body will still lose weight. I'm thinking of doing a liquid diet too, just for one day, because I'm hoping it will curb my recent binging tendencies. Good luck!

  3. Your binge could of been worse so cheer up hun its not too bad. You can just be better tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day :D XX