Thursday, November 29, 2012


Me on the left.
I haven't been doing so good and I don't really want to write it down since it's embarrassing and shameful. I want to fast again. I wish I could forever. Or atleast no solids. I want to feel clean from within. I want will look like I was in the picture. Then I will get more skinny. Then more skinny. More skinny. Skinny.
I want to surprise my boyfriend when I go visit him.
Wish me luck my lovely followers :)
And I hope you all are doing well and succeed.


  1. Wow that is an amazing picture ! Great legs!

  2. Stay strong girl! Use your slip ups as motivation to try harder!
    Fasting is always a good idea! :)

    Good luck and keeping picturing yourself thin!


  3. You look amazing!

  4. Feel better soon! Even though you're not doing well things will eventually turn around. We all have more bad eating days than good. Keep your spirits up :)